Creating, Managing and aggregating Job Alerts

Today more than ever our lives are busier than ever.  You don’t have time every day to manage job alerts, surf the web and try to uncover every kind of lead out there. And if you do, you aren’t going to be as good and efficient as we are.

We build an internal job aggregator where we sift through thousands of jobs and try to narrow down which ones are best suited for you.  We also weed through a lot of the garbage.  What most people don’t realize is that over ½ of the jobs posted these days are bogus.  Give us a call and we would be happy to further explain.

Recruiter Introductions

Having the right Recruiters can be game changers.  They have great clients, good relationships and insights that most of the street doesn’t have.  There are a lot of Recruiters out there, but most importantly there are only a few out there that are any good.  We have relationships with some of the more elite executive recruiters on the street.  We will match you up.

They know that by coming through us you are not only referred, but they love our clients because they know that they are going to present well, have a good resume and be well prepared for any of their clients that they introduce you too.

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